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The Power of Reliability: Building Credibility in Communication for Better Mental Health

Business conversation between two collegues
Business conversation

In the fast-paced world we live in, effective communication is the anchor of successful relationships, both in the workplace and in our personal lives. In this blog post, we'll explore the crucial elements of precise information and timely updates, offering practical insights to enhance your assertive communication skills.

Precision in Communication: A Key to Avoiding Frustration

Consider a common scenario in the office environment: a manager promising a "good bonus" upon project completion. While the intention may be positive, the lack of specificity in the promise can lead to unmet expectations and frustration. Imagine expecting a bonus of 2000 Euros, only to receive 500 Euros. This discrepancy not only creates disappointment but also erodes trust.

Action to Take: Be Precise

To build credibility, individuals, especially those in leadership roles, must practice precision in communication. Instead of vague promises, offer specific details. For instance, the manager should state, "I will give you a bonus of 500 Euros when the project is finished." This clarity sets clear expectations, fostering trust and preventing unnecessary disappointment.

Timely Updates: Navigating Obstacles to Maintain Credibility

In the dynamic landscape of work, unforeseen obstacles can hinder the fulfilment of promises. Take the example of a manager pledging a promotion to team leader by the end of the quarter. Although this is precise information, external factors like a company-wide freeze on hiring and promotions can derail these plans.

Action to Take: Communicate Promptly

To maintain credibility, it's crucial to communicate any changes or obstacles as soon as they arise. If promotions are frozen, the manager should promptly inform the team, preventing unmet expectations and potential frustration. Timely updates ensure transparency, reinforcing trust and demonstrating a commitment to open communication.

Applying the Principles Beyond the Office

These principles extend beyond the workplace and are essential for nurturing positive relationships in all aspects of life. Assess your own communication style and strive to be the most trustworthy version of yourself. Whether at work or in personal relationships, being recognized for reliability and the ability to provide accurate information and timely updates can profoundly impact collaboration and mental well-being.

In conclusion, the power of precision in communication cannot be overstated. By incorporating these principles into your interactions, you not only build credibility but also contribute to a healthier and more positive environment, both professionally and personally. Be the person who is heard, trusted, and respected, paving the way for better mental health and fulfilling relationships.


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