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Am I being kind to myself?

This a question that is probably well worth asking… Surely my mind has been and still is, a Tiran towards me. It is always telling me the “I am a bad person” story. Moreover it is never short of reasons why this is so. It conjures up places and times as a way to prove she is right. Minds do a great job at coming up with stories and everybody has his own: “I am not worth it”, “I do not deserve it”, etc. Each of those stories carries with it a great deal of suffering. However, while you cannot stop your mind to tell those stories, you can always choose your attitude. In my experience, I have noticed that most people are much more kind towards others than themselves. Ask yourself this question: Am I being kind to myself as much as I would to a friend in need of help? To answer this question go through these steps: Image that a friend of yours comes to you for help Image that he tells you the "I am not so good" or any other story you usually tell yourself. Take a few minutes to reflect on how you would respond to him. What words would you say? What attitude would you have? What actions would you take? You will most likely find out that the way you support your friend is more compassionate and kind than the way you usually treat yourself. Can you start to extend this attitude of kindness and support toward yourself? Let me know in the comments if you find this post helpful. #SelfDiscoveryWays #bekindtoyourself #selflove #mefirst

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