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Life is a complex Jigsaw

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Whenever it comes to mental health the "What is it happening?" question is more important than the "Why is it happening?"

Focusing your attention on "What is happening" is similar to solving a complex jigsaw without knowing what the final picture is.

You start by taking a piece and looking carefully at it: colours, shape, and shades. As you look at the other pieces you will start to recognise similarities and you will begin to cluster them together. You will then start gradually to place those pieces together and as you keep going on you will say “Ah ah, that’s what this puzzle is about”.

To solve the puzzle you don’t need to ask why the producer picked that particular picture.

To improve your mental health, You can follow a similar process. Look at your emotions, thoughts and sensation and carefully and carefully notice how they impact your behaviour. For example, tightness in the stomach can show up with the thought “That’s not fair!”, “They are judging me" and as consequence, you might be feeling disconnected and decide to isolate yourself.

As you keep exploring yourself, you will notice common patterns of response. The piece of the puzzle are starting to come together and you will get more clarity about how you go through life. This will allow you to move from the reaction to action

Pay attention not to be caught in the Why question. "Why is this happening to me?" This could be interesting but it will not necessarily lead to change. The search for a "why" might lead you into rumination.

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